Comic-Con and the one Sirius Black cosplayer

Comic-Con is filled with great cosplay but I turned and saw a Sirius Black from a far and about lost my mind. Too bad I couldn’t get a picture.

Every Comic-Con there is a whole bunch of Harry Potter cosplay but this year, I saw a Sirius Black. Now here is my story about this cosplay. I was minding my own business, walking the floor and being utterly annoyed by everything and anything around me. Then I turned and in the distance, I spotted him.

Unless you’re me who loves Sirius Black more than any other fictional character, you may have missed him. But I saw him and instantly knew he was my Sirius Black and that he was not dead but alive and well, chilling in San Diego.

Now in all seriousness, it was a pretty perfect Sirius. Long curly hair, dark clothes that are so fashionable and everything about this cosplay was perfect. But probably only to me. Because really, who else cares this much about Sirius as I do? I love him more than literally any other character.

The sad part is that I never made my way over to him to get that picture I so desperately craved. That’s the problem with Comic-Con, there are so many people that it’s almost impossible to get over to what you want quickly.

So if you’re that Sirius Black who was walking the floor on Sunday, please let me know? I want to congratulate you for making me cry in a room full of nerds because I was so happy someone was my sweet boy, Sirius Black.

Did you see any really amazing Harry Potter cosplay over the weekend? Let us know your favorites in the comments and we’ll all compare looks!

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