The Forbidden Forest Officially Announced as Opening March 31st

Warner Brothers Studio Tour officially announces the opening of The Forbidden Forest exhibit in London, opening on March 31st, 2017.

The Celebration of Harry Potter opening celebration has just finished at Universal Studios Orlando. There were announcements from Pottermore, the promise of LEGO Dimension games, a happy to be here or two from MinaLima and the representative from Cursed Child, and the stars who are on hand (that’s Tom Felton, Matthew Lewis, Warwick Davis and Jason Isaacs) led the spell casting to officially open he weekend.

But the biggest announcement this evening came from Warner Brothers Studio Tours London who arrived with their own hashtag “Follow The Spiders”. (Err, that’s #FollowTheSpiders). As every Harry Potter fan knows, following the siders only leads to one place: The Forbidden Forest.

Now, we all know we’re not supposed to go into the Forbidden Forest, but when has that ever stopped an intrepid Hogwarts Student? Exactly. And that’s why tonight WBSTL announced that their next major exhibit is in fact a recreation of the Forbidden Forest.

The exhibit opens to the public this coming spring on March 31st, 2017. But for those who are at the Celebration this weekend, there’s a lucky extra treat: the full sized recreation of Aragog that is part of the exhibit has travelled all the way from London to Florida (one assumes he had to pay for an extra seat in order to fit on the airplane.) All you have to do to find where they’ve stashed him between the two soundstages hosting this weekend’s festivities is….well, you know.


Of course, unless you’re like Ron and really hate spiders. Then, I would highly suggest figuring out which way the spiders are going and head in exactly the opposite direction. Go see the MinaLima panel or something. Far more civilized anyway.