Illustrator imagines what new Wizarding Schools look like

Now that J.K. Rowling has revealed the names and locations of new Wizarding Schools, Michael Nozinich gives us an idea of what they may look like.

Harry Potter fans are still all aglow from the announcement that there are a total of 11 Wizarding Schools spread throughout J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter universe. Book-readers previously knew of only three: Beauxbatons in France, notable for producing students like Twiwizard entrant Fleur Delacour; Durmstrang, known for producing Quidditch champion Victor Krum, and a whole of lot of dark wizards besides; and Hogwarts, known for this guy…Harry something. We now know of four more:

  1. Mahoutokoro in Japan. On the island of Iwo Jima, to be exact.
  2. Uagadou in Uganda.
  3. Castelobruxo in Brazil.
  4. Ilvermorny in the United States.

Man, how badly must Hollywood want to cast a bunch of precocious tweenagers and feature them in a long-running series set at Ilvermorny? Also, where does Rowling come up with these great names? And finally, why does Europe get three wizarding schools to itself while Asia, Africa, North America, and South America only get one apiece? And what of Australia? WHAT OF AUSTRALIA?

Those thoughts aside, the fandom has been eager for more information on these schools. Observ took the initiative and commissioned Los Angeles-based illustrator Michael Nozinich to imagine what students from each of these schools looks like. Observe some of his work:

According to the description on Pottermore, the robes given to students at Mahoutokoro change color as they learn, starting as a faint pink color and changing to gold once they’ve become experts. Part of this student’s robes are light pink and part are orange and purple, so I have little idea how much she knows.

There’s been no official description of Ilvermorny yet, but this is a great concept. I love how Nozinich has designed a traditional New England private school uniform that billows into a robe in back. Again, if anyone in Hollywood looked at this drawing, they would probably start to slaver uncontrollably.

Head here to see more of Nozinich’s illustrations. They really are gorgeous.

h/t People

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