Tom Felton Reportedly Being Considered for Young Han Solo

Tom Felton is one of the many actors shortlisted for the role of Young Han Solo in the ever expanding Star Wars franchise.

Several Harry Potter stars have gone on to star in amazing films, television shows, and theater productions. Many of them anchored major TV series like Maggie Smith on Downton Abbey, David Tennant in Doctor Who, Frank Dillane on The Walking Dead, and of course Natalia Tena, David Bradley, and Michelle Fairley in Game of Thrones. But is there a chance for HP alum Tom Felton to star in something that’s arguably even bigger?

Just yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter posted that Disney was seeing around 2,500 actors in an attempt to fill the role of young Han Solo for a film about the infamous smuggler’s early life, and apparently they aren’t taking the Lucas and Abrams route of sticking with unknowns. Some actors, including Dave Franco, Miles Teller, and Jurassic World’s Nick Robinson, have already read for the role – but apparently the casting directors don’t have their hearts set on an American actor, and Tom Felton is one of the stars they are considering.

The rumored general criteria for the part is “someone who looks at least a bit like a young Ford”, as well as being able to tackle action scenes while being witty and likable. We certainly know that Tom Felton was able to pull off Draco Malfoy’s dry wit, but can he be likable in that Han Solo-esque way? And does he have the right look?

The movie, which is currently under the working title “Red Cup”, isn’t scheduled to begin filming until the beginning of 2017 (for a mid-2018 release), so it’s likely to be quite some time before we have any answers…but hopefully Felton will stay in the running, because I think he could make an interesting young Han Solo.

(Hilarious Image of Han Solo line up via THR)

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